Giving girls an opportunity to be all they can be

As CEO of Girl Scouts River Valleys, Tish Bolger knows without a doubt that Girl Scouts can transform lives, that's why she makes an investment in Girl Scouts. “Girl Scouts let’s girls lead, and solve problems, it sparks imagination and creativity- Girl Scouts is a safe place to practice conflict management and negotiation and provides an opportunity through experiential activities that allow girls to learn from each other and build leadership skills."

The Girl Scout experience goes beyond troop meetings and campouts, “Being in Girl Scouts adds a layer of resiliency and adds a protective layer as they grow up in a world where women still experience gender inequality and battle economic and social conditions like violence, poverty, and rigid stereotypes that limit their potential. Girl Scouts can improve girl’s lives.”

Tish knows that it’s the whole girl that’s important. “Girl Scouts gives girls an opportunity to be all they can be. They can have fun, make friends and know they are part of a larger group of girls and women who care about them. Girl scouts is important because girls are not always given the support they need to nurture their talents in a safe and productive way, Girl Scouts gives girls the chance to build confidence in themselves so they will succeed as adults.”

What better way to sustain the important function of Girl Scouts in our girls’ lives than to give monthly through Daisy’s Circle. “It’s the easiest, most convenient way to give. I also know that it gives RV a dependable and predictable base of support.”