GS River Valleys Fund Development team loves monthly giving through Daisy's Circle

Sarah Kuenle, Grants Manager
“Girl Scouts gave me a lot of incredible opportunities to learn, grow, try, and even fail—all in a safe, supportive space. I know Girl Scouts helped shape me into the woman I am today. Like all people, there are a lot of things that occupy my time and a lot of thoughts that fill my mind. It’s nice to know that I am continuing to support Girl Scouts, an organization I am committed to, through Daisy’s Circle without needing to remember it.”

Karla Leitzman, Philanthropy Associate
“Honestly, I would think it’s hypocritical that as a fundraiser I’m asking other to give to something I don’t. I give to Girl Scouts because I know there are very real needs for girls in our community and I want to be a part of addressing those needs. There is so much I love about Girl Scouting. As a girl member for 13 years, Girl Scouts was my first intro to what it means to be a leader. I also love that even though Girl Scouts has been around for over 100 years, we are still the top organization for girl empowerment and we work so hard to be relevant to the issues today’s girls and women face. That’s why I support Girl Scouts River Valleys through Daisy’s Circle.”

Caroline Moos, Corporate and Foundation Giving Officer
“I know it takes a lot of resources to deliver our Girl Scouts program, so I support Girl Scouts River Valleys because the world needs more girl leaders. Girl Scouts helps every girl realize her true potential as a leader and that’s so important! I like being a part of Daisy’s Circle because it is an easy and convenient way to give, and I’m able to make a larger impact than a one-time donation.”

Cora Heras, Executive Assistant to Fund Development
“I support Girl Scouts River Valleys because I know it serves many girls who would not otherwise be able to participate in after-school programming. There was a time that I was a Girl Scout, and I had a lot of really great opportunities. So many years later I know there’s a lot more out there for girls to explore and experience and they’re able to do so through Girl Scouts. I joined Daisy’s Circle because I know my dollars are going to give girls the opportunity to grow and be comfortable being themselves. I believe it’s a great investment!”