I love the bling!

Helen Schadegg learned early on the value of having the Girl Scout experience, “I was a Scout as a girl and I know firsthand the kind of life-long skills and values that can be instilled by participation in Girl Scouts.”

That Girl Scouts has an important impact on our communities is part of Helen’s mantra, “Every generation has it's trials in dealing with raising kind, intelligent, independent children with a moral compass and I find that Girl Scouts has proven to provide a program to bridge those trials with success. Why would I not support the women of our future through such a program?!?”

Helen’s loves the Daisy’s Circle monthly giving option, “it’s just plain easy for me!” “I am retired, so I like that Daisy’s Circle spreads my gift our over the year, instead of having to budget around one large expenditure. My monthly giving reduces Girl Scouts River Valleys overhead by saving on expensive repeated mailings and staff time, too”.

“Daisy’s Circle is a wonderful program for me and I love the ‘bling’!!”