Karen Klose...40 years of friendships and opportunities to be of service

It has been and is about friendships and opportunities, 40 years of friendships and opportunities to be of service to the Girl Scouts, an organization I love. I joined the Girl Scouts in 1975, when I was 31 years old. My very first encounter with Girl Scouts was at Timber Meade Camp Elk River when I took my 8-year old daughter to day camp. I was immediately recruited to stay for the week to be the camp “Nursie”. I was hooked! Then I became a troop leader and member of the service team. Later I became a council outdoor trainer. I love the outdoors in general and camping in particular. I attended camp as a child, and I loved every minute of every day I spent at camp. I still enjoy it, which is why this past August I attended an encampment for “old” Girl Scouts at Rock Hill Camp in Mahopac, New York. I feel more alive at camp than I do anywhere—it is my passion.

Girl Scouting gave me the courage, confidence, training, experience, and encouragement to step outside of my occupation of nursing in order to pursue my avocation of directing camp. Beginning as a day camp director, I then became the day camp coordinator, and eventually landed my dream job of directing resident camp. Girl Scouting made this happen for me and I am extremely grateful.
I am also very proud to be the mother of a 1984 Gold Award recipient. My daughter tells me our years together as Girl Scouts has had a positive influence on her life. It is because of all the opportunities I have had that I support Girl Scouts through Daisy’s Circle.

Now as I look back on those 40 years, I know what Girl Scouting has done for me. It is time to ask what I can do for Girl Scouting. I will continue to volunteer in various capacities and I am very excited about the new Daisy’s Circle monthly giving program. I like that it gives me a way to give back by making a monthly donation of my financial resources. It is automatic and so easy! It pleases me to know that giving back in this manner may help to preserve the opportunity for more girls to attend camp and enjoy all that Girl Scouting has to offer.