Remy loves Troop 14079


Girl Scout Troop 14079 celebrated the completion of their Bronze Award last week. They are pictured above with Officer Mike Allen and Remy on the left, and Officer Nick Erickson and Niko on the right. Long before starting to work on their Bronze Award, these girls had a connection with the Blaine Police Department. When the girls were just Brownies, Girl Scout Karleigh asked her neighbors, Officer Nick and his K-9 dog Niko to give a demonstration of what police dogs do. Their project was inspired by this connection as they have kept in touch with Nick and Niko ever since!

Troop Leader Melissa Hillyer, said that her girls decided to raise money to purchase a replacement K-9 bullet proof vest for the Blaine/Ham Lake K-9 unit after learning that K-9 bullet proof vests only last about five years and cost $1,000-2,000 each. The Troop voted to have a craft fair, and each girl put in more than 20 hours making soap petals, sun-catchers and gifts-in-a-jar. Girl Scout Nora said “Doing the Bronze Award made me realize 20 hours is a long time, but team work helped us get there. We really had fun doing it. We learned a lot, really worked hard, and succeeded our goal”.

The troop raised a whopping $427 from their craft fair and donated a total of $500 towards a new K-9 bullet proof vest, with the extra funds coming from their cookie money. Officer Mark Allen and his K-9 dog Remy are the recipients of the new K-9 bullet proof vest. Remy’s vest will honor the Troop’s hard work and generosity by displaying a patch that says “Sponsored by Troop 14079”.

To celebrate their Bronze Award, Troop 14079 invited all the Girl Scouts in Blaine/Ham Lake Service Unit to attend a demonstration and learn about what the K-9 unit can do and how the dogs are trained to help police officers do their job and keep the community safe. What a great way to celebrate! These girls are not only supporting the Blaine Police Department, but also sharing what they learned and what they are passionate about with others in their community.